Enjoy the Memories!

The doors to Saint Peter Canisius church and school have been shuttered.  The “old neighborhood” is no longer the same neighborhood that we knew and loved. Yes, things have changed, but the memories will not be forgotten.  Take a few minutes to drift back in time to that place where so many unforgettable memories were created…our parish and school…St. Peter Canisius.
Growing up on the west side of Chicago during the 50’s, 60’s, 70's and 80's was “being in the right place at the right time.”  It may not have been the most affluent neighborhood, but it certainly was overflowing with fun-loving, honest and hardworking people.  Austin was an inspiring place that shaped our characters, personalities, and gave us “street smarts.”  No one can deny that it influenced much of who many of us are today.
The pictures located in the St. Peter Canisius Achieves are from the 1975 50th Anniversary Book published by our parents and fellow parishioners.  Many of the photos will jar long forgotten memories.  Wouldn’t it be great to open the door to more of those memories with some of the people who helped create them.
During the 50’s, with our parents and siblings at our sides, we experienced Elvis, Howdy Doody, hula hoops, and the miracle of television.  Then in the early 60’s, trying to spread our wings and establish our independence, the Baby Boomers were shaken with the assassination of J.F.K., Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, race riots and Viet Nam.  All through these magical and turbulent years we were blessed with three constants: we had good families, a great neighborhood, and SPC, a great parish and school.  Notre Dame nuns and the parish priests…as scary as they sometimes seemed…truly cared about our well being.
This website was developed by Gerald Grapenthien for the 1960 thru 1975 SPC Class Reunion, April 1, 2007.  The reunion was a great success.  Over 550 former SPC graduates, nuns, priests, and teachers attended.  The website was such a success that Gerry is permitting the site to be used for other St. Peter Canisius class reunions.  In addition, it will be a site for all to reminisce about the great west side neighborhood that many called home for so many years.  Enjoy the memories and share your comments.  Gerald Grapenthien can be contacted at:  ggrape1226@aol.com